Fayette County Zoning

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Our Mission is to maintain the highest level of public safety and customer service in the administration of zoning code enforcement. The Fayette County Zoning Office is responsible for providing residents of the county with a safe environment in which to live, work and raise families. This is accomplished by enforcing building and zoning codes to protect people from the hazards of unsafe construction and unwanted neighborly uses.

Although the Zoning Office is located within the Building Department it is a totally seperate agency of the county. The Building Department has no authority to enforce the zoning codes. However, the Building Department will assist where permitted by the Zoning Inspector in providing applications, collection of fees for said application to give to the Zoning Inspector when he/she is not available.

Fayette County's Zoning Office is responsible for the enforcement of the zoning codes in Fayette County, Union Township and the Village of Octa. We are not responsible for zoning codes within the City of Washington, Wayne Township or the Villages of Jeffersonville, Bloomingburg and Milledgeville. To see who to contact about zoning codes in these areas please visit our contact page.
It is the responsibility of the Zoning Inspector to review drawings and site plans for compliance with the appropriate zoning code.