Fayette County Bird Count

Results of the Fayette County Bird Count 2018

 The Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District hosted a bird count on December 18th.   Eleven people in the county participated over a four hour period. Three groups visited eighteen locations within a designated area in the northeastern part of the county.   Included in the count were sites in the City of Washington Court House, local farms, and Deer Creek State Park and Wildlife areas.  The Corps of Engineers hosted the final destination stop. 

 A total of 57 species were identified, up from last year’s 39 species and one species off our high in 2015. The total number of birds counted was 1,193 bird spotted in a three and half hour period.  In a seven year period the Fayette County bird count has had a total of 86 species sited in Fayette County during the month of December.   The weather was sunny and cold with a high of 32 degrees.   Three new species were added this year including the Black Duck, Redhead, and Brown Creeper.  The Black Vulture count was also at its highest at 17.        

 The count is part of the annual event of the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.  The Audubon Society has been collecting information for 119 years on population trends.  A fifteen mile circle is created and locations within the area are included.    Data comes from over 2200 circles across the county with more than 70,000 volunteers participating.   The same circle can then be counted every year to compare the results.   The count runs from December 14th to January 5th.   For a more details report of species sited over the last seven years call the office at 740-636-0279, or e-mail Brigitte Hisey at  If you want to join us next year we can put you on a list.