2nd grade programs

Incredible Journey: Students with the roll of the dice will simulate the movement of water within the water cycle.

Worms, worms, worms:  Students learn about and observe earthworms and how they change the soil.

Beaver Dress Up: Students will learn about beaver adaptations and how they can change the environment.

Fred the Fish: Students will identify the two sources of pollution and the cause and effect relationship pertaining to water pollution.  They will also explore means of preventing the problems before they occur, solutions to the problems that water pollutants pose to the river, and organism that depend upon the river for survival.

Every Tree for itself: Students will simulate how trees compete for their essential needs and describe how varying amounts of light, water, and nutrients affect a tree’s growth.   Also students will learn that humans can affect trees by bringing invasive species that can change the forest.

Oily Problems: Participants learn why bird’s feathers must stay clean and discover how oil in water can hurt birds.

Recycling: Students can learn how to set a worm composter at home.