1st grade programs


Terrific Turkey: Students learn about wild turkeys, what they eat, what they need to survive and their predators.  Students will go outside to play a game.

Lunch for a Bear: Children identify the kinds of foods that black bears eat by creating a plate of “bear food” and how they adapt to seasonal changes.

Who lives in a tree?  Children develop an awareness of trees and some of the animals call them home.  We will go outside to look for signs of life in a tree.

Oh Deer! Children explore the parts of habitat, food, water, shelter, and space in a physical activity.

Feeding Frenzy:  Students will identify common birds that are attracted to bird feeders; use scientific research methods; and conclude that different birds have different diets.

Home sweet Home:  Students will learn what it takes to make a birds home Sweet Home.   We will look at a Bard owl and Red shoulder Hawk.  Outside component.

Habitat Match: Analyze clues to help them discover that certain species of birds are adapted to living in certain habitats.   Students will match clues to the bird’s pictures and we will discuss their habitat.

Bird Buffet: Participants make easy to assemble bird treats to take home.

Nocturnal vs Diurnal:  Students will learn about some of Ohio’s by guessing the animal from clues and sounds.  We will end by matching tracks to cards that are passed out and students will place chips on the tracks if they think the animal is nocturnal or diurnal.

Every Tree for itself: Students will simulate how trees compete for their essential needs and describe how varying amounts of light, water, and nutrients affect a tree’s growth.

Journal for seasons

Extended Activities: Great backyard bird count at school, make bird feeders, bird festival