Veterans Service Commission


  • Edward E Fisher, American Legion - President
  • Russell E Bernard, Veterans of Foreign Wars - Vice President
  • William Stuckey - Secretary
  • Jerred S Mitchell - At-Large


"For over 100 years... Veterans helping veterans"

Since 1886, all Ohio Counties have operated under the Veterans Service Commission to provide service and assistance to veterans. This provision for veterans is based on County taxes and is considered to be an earned benefit due to our honorably discharged veterans.

Role of the Veterans Service Commission

  • To oversee the operation of The Veterans Service Center.
  • To provide temporary financial assistance to indigent veterans, spouse's dependent children, and surviving widows
  • To obtain benefits earned by the veterans of this County and their family members and survivors


Disabled American Veterans

American Legion

American Legion




Veterans of Foreign Wars
Veterans Service Center Staff 2023

Veterans Service Center

The Veterans Service Center is a County agency dedicated to aiding veterans in times of need. 

Eligibility Requirements for Financial Assistance

  • Honorably discharged veteran, spouse, dependent children, and surviving widows
  • Resident of Ohio for one year and Fayette County for three months immediately preceding the application
  • Financial disclosure and other proofs as required

Financial Assistance May Be Provided

Any honorably discharged veteran, spouse, widow, or dependent children may be served with respect to Mortgage / Rent (to avoid eviction), Utilities (to avoid disconnection), Transportation for medical treatment and Food Assistance.

Eligibility Requirements for Service

Any honorably discharged veteran (as defined by VA rules), spouse, widow, or dependent children may be served by this office.

Services Offered

  • V.A. claims assistance (for service-connected disability or non-service-connected pension)
  • Widow's benefits
  • Certificate of Eligibility for VA loan application.
  • Ohio Veteran Bonus
  • Help with forms, letters or communications with the V.A.
  • Military Injury Relief Fund (MIRF)
  • Grave markers/flag holders
  • Notary Public Services - For veterans only

This office will copy your veterans-related documents, provide secretarial help with your V.A. communication and maintain a file of your important documents.

Funding for Center

We are a Fayette County Agency, with funding from County taxes under entitlement in Ohio Law. This law states at up to.5 mills may be collected for veterans service. (ORC 5901).

We are not directed or supported by any agency of the Federal or State Government.

Please understand that any assistance application or income disclosure will be held in total confidence as far as the law allows.

Additional Information

Veterans Service Commission does not view the granting of emergency assistance as welfare. Rather it is seen as earned benefit due Fayette County veterans who qualify.

Home Visits

If you are elderly or infirm and need services, please do not hesitate to call our office. A home visit from our Service Officer may be arranged. Our office phone number is 740-335-1610.

Our Pledge

Our solemn pledge is to serve our fellow veterans while providing them with the highest respect and dignity.