Fair Housing

Fayette County Fair Housing Outreach / Referral Program

The Fair Housing program for residents of Fayette County is a program funded by a Community Development Block Grant source. These funds are made available to the Fayette County Board of Commissioners by the U.S. Department of Housing &Urban Development (HUD) and through the Ohio Development Services Agency, Office of Community Development.

Fair Housing Law Objectives

To achieve full public awareness of every individual's housing rights. This program is implemented to eliminate discriminatory housing practices and assure full housing opportunities for all people.

Referral Program Objectives

  • To assist any Fayette County resident who experiences difficulties in obtaining housing of their choice due to their race, religion, gender, religion, physical or mental conditions, or any other aspect that may be deemed discriminatory.
  • To assist citizens, lending institutions, realtors, community officials and landlords in becoming aware and sensitive to discrimination patterns in housing and to convey the legal, social, and economic implications of these patterns locally and countywide.
  • Provide current information to people relating to the housing availability in the community and throughout the county.

Program Implementation

Fayette County performs Fair Housing presentations to various organizations and groups throughout the county in an effort to keep the public informed.

The county supplies the public with informational brochures concerning all aspects of fair housing.

Fayette County has a Fair Housing Coordinator to address all fair housing complaints.