Fayette County - Ohio


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Fayette County Commissioners

133 South Main Street, Suite 401

Washington Court House, Ohio 43160

Office Hours:


Monday thru Friday

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Commissioners Meetings - Monday

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Commissioner: Jack DeWeese

Commissioner: Tony Anderson
Commissioner: Dan Dean


Admin Clerk: Dana Foor

Asst Admin Clerk: Sue Smith

The policy making and legislative body of the county...

1050 Bloomingburg-New Holland Rd NW

Washington C.H., Ohio 43160

Fayette County Commissioners



The Board of County Commissioners is the policy making and legislative body of the county. The Board organizes the second Monday of January of each year by electing one of its' members as President and one as Vice President. The Board establishes its own rules and order of business and must maintain a Journal. A majority of the full membership of the Board constitutes a quorum and is needed to take action on any proposal. Following are some of the major powers of the Board:


> To determine the officers and employees of the county that must

   file bonds and the amount and form of the bond.

> To provide for the borrowing of money.

> To acquire, construct, maintain and administer property,

   buildings and other public improvements.

> To accept gifts, bequests and grants on behalf of the County.

> To request reports from the county elected and administrative

   officers and to require their attendance at meetings.

> To authorize the employment of consultants.

> To adopt procedures for contracting and purchasing by

    competitive bidding.

> To adopt the Tax Budget and Annual Appropriation Resolution

    and to exercise control over expenditures. This can involve the

   adoption of a monthly or quarterly allotment schedule.

> To determine the compensation of appointive heads of

   departments and divisions under their control by adopting a

   classification plan and pay schedule. The Board may also

   designate the maximum number of employees that may be

   employed in each county office.

> To cooperate, or contract, with other political subdivisions to

   plan, develop, construct, acquire, or operate any public

   improvement or common services. The Board will also

   determine the terms by which the county will perform the

   services or functions of any other unit of government in the


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