Fayette County - Ohio

Common Pleas


Fax: 740.333.3557




Fayette County Court of Common Pleas
3rd Floor Court House

110 E. Court Street

Washington Court House, Ohio 43160

Office Hours:


Monday thru Friday

7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

The Honorable Judge
Steven P. Beathard, Common Pleas Court Judge

Common Pleas Staff:

Court Administrator: Carmen Baird

Court Bailiff: Charlie Wise

Domestic Relations Staff:

Magistrate: Richard Dunkle,

Civil / Domestic Assignment Commissioner: Sandy Wilson

Fayette County - Ohio

Common Pleas Court

The Ohio Courts of Common Pleas is the trial courts of the state court system of Ohio.


The courts of common pleas are the trial courts of general jurisdiction in the state. They are the only trial courts created by the Ohio Constitution (in Article IV, Section 1). The duties of the courts are outlined in Article IV, Section 4. Each of Ohio's 88 counties has a court of common pleas. The Ohio General Assembly (the state legislature) has the power to divide courts of common pleas into divisions, and has done so, establishing general, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate divisions:

Public Access - Common Pleas General Division

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