201 South Fayette St.
(Top floor of old armory)
Washington Court House, Ohio 43160
Fax: 1-(740)-333-3510
E-mail: crista.creamer@fayette-co-oh.com
Office Hours
Monday-Friday  10:00am - 2:00pm
Records Manager/Archivist
E-mail: fayarchive@fayette-co-oh.com
Probate Records:
Births & Deaths:1867-1908
Wills: 1810-1957
Marriages: 1810 forward
Probate:1828 forward
Various Ledgers, many dating back to the 1800's


Common Pleas/Clerk of Courts:
Numerous ledgers and case files, many
dating back to the 1800's
Auditor's and Treasurer's:
Most ledgers date back to the mid-late
1900's but there are some records that
go back farther


Also, limited records from the Recorder

Record Herald (local newspaper):
we have most issues from August 1954
through December, 1983, but are missing
January-March 1965 and unfortunately,
there are none for the year 1982


(Prices for copies vary by office)
Note:  For anyone traveling a great
distance to do research, it would be
wise to call first as we have very
limited staff and no back-ups for
illnesses, meetings, vacations, or