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Fayette County is a rural county in southwest Ohio with a population of 29,030 (2010 Census) in 10 townships. The City of Washington Court House is the County seat. The County Board of Commissioners is the governing policy board. Information and services provided by the County may be selected from the Department Directory on the left.


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The history of any city, county or state is the record of the lives and deeds of those who have in various ways performed the duties of citizenship. In the complex system of society as it is today there is need for men in a great variety of occupations. It is fortunate that all men do not want to be preachers or teachers or lawyers ; that all men do not want to be farmers or blacksmiths or railroad men. There are hundreds of occupations in the United States today, and a town the size of Washington C. H. will have at least a hundred different occupations. An important industry which is found represented in every town of any size in the country is the retail meat market business and this city boasts of one of the best equipped retail meat markets in the state.

1888 Stock Sale - Court Street, Washington Court House

From "History of Fayette County Ohio - Her People, Industries and Institutions" by Frank M. Allen (1914, R. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.)

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